Welcome to the Canadian Fire Truck Archive. The Archive is a digital library of the products of old Canadian fire apparatus manufacturers. The companies listed here have been out of business for a number of years and in some cases, the last of their trucks are now approaching retirement age. This web site is a small attempt to preserve some of the work of the Canadian fire truck industry.

UPDATE (15/12/2013) - While the information on this site is updated periodically, the site itself is quite old. Ancient in internet years. I'm looking into changes that will hopefully make it easier to update more regularly. Also, no new photos have been added in quite some time. Again, I hope that a new format will make that easier, as the current method is quite tedious.

ANOTHER UPDATE (26/11/2016) - I'm in the process of transferring the content to an actual relational database. If anyone knows of a good photo database that can be used in Wordpress or a similar setup, please let me know. In any event, work is ongoing.

THE NEW SITE IS READY! All data will have to be re-entered one truck at a time so it will take a while, but work is ongoing. Please visit http://newsite.firetruckarchive.ca