This is a large and complicated project, and owes a great deal to the contributions of a number of people and organisations. They include:

Bob Dubbert has made innumberable contributions to this site for all manufacturers. His interest and dedication to maintaining delivery lists for several Canadian manufacturers far exceeds mine. Much of the information on these pages was received through him.

The archives of the Canada Science & Technology Museum in Ottawa are a treasure trove of information. Thanks to their foresight, a huge amount of archival material on King, Pierreville and Thibault has been saved from the landfill. In particular, Suzanne Beauvais is friendly, knowledgeable and an excellent source of information.

Luc Drolet has been an invaluable source of information on the history of Pierre Thibault and has contributed many rigs to the list from that company. Merci beaucoup!!

Fred Beeton has been collecting serial numbers for years and contributed several from trucks that are long gone. Many thanks!

Many thanks are also due to Mike McNulty, who contributed information from several trucks in Ontario and Québec.

Mathieu Sabourin has been an invaluable resource for Québec trucks. Again, Merci Beaucoup!

Dave Stewardson, Canadian Fire Buff Extraordinnaire, has added serial numbers from rigs across Canada.  Many thanks!

Several fire chiefs and fire department members have been kind enough to respond to requests for information on particular trucks. In addition, a number of people have sent in e-mails and made important contributions to the project. Many thanks to all.

The photos on the site were provided courtesy of a number of buffs, including (in alphabetical order) Gary Dinkel, Bob Dubbert, Fred Gaines, Herb Gallaway, John Kaye, Shane MacKichan, Mike McNulty, Andrew Sanojca, Dave Stewardson and Terry Yip.

Michel Beauregard from France provided translation for the company history pages.  I have always intended this site to be bilingual, but did not think my French was up to the task.  Thanks to Michel, this dream is closer to reality.

Any errors on this site are the sole responsibility of its creator. If you see any, please don't suffer in silence!
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Thanks again to all.
Dean Nickerson, Webmaster